Noreen Sumpter
My life had no single “defining moment”.
Rather, I faced times in my life when I needed to take a stand for myself, or be lost forever, living my life by someone else’s design. My parents taught me: "You only give 99% of yourself to anyone and the other 1% you keep, because you will go mad if you give yourself away by loving too deeply.” That was how I was raised; that is what I knew then. My confidence and self-esteem were in the crapper. I lived in the space of not being worth it. Negative internal conversations ran my life: I didn’t feel I was good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, worthy enough all the enough one can conjure up.   Today, it is such a pleasure to know that these are just conversations, I made up. They will never go away, but now, I know they are not real. I own my voice, speak my truth and live life my way.  I have been working as a Self Esteem and Confidence Expert Coach for over six years.  I want to help you gain your own personal power and help you to find your voice.  Please get to know me by checking out my website www.NoreenSumpterCoach.com or contact me at Noreen@NoreenSumpterCoach.com to find out what I can do for you. About Me:  I came to the New York in 1985 with $60.00 in my pocket.  I worked a variety of jobs as a secretary and while going back to school and graduated in 3 years taking extra credits. I majored in Psychology.  I was married for 12 years, no children.  Children were never something that I desired in my life.  Love them but not for me.  I run my own Real Estate business for 10+ years loved it, but Coaching called me.  I created a mission to Haiti in 2006 for the People of Mapou when a few of us collected Food, Clothes Medicine and Condoms to Haiti.  It took us 8 days.  I am fun and believe that life without fun no matter what is not worth living.  I love to travel I love a great Cigar though not too often I love wonderful food I have done Open Mic Comedy I love to do Karaoke I enjoy passionate relationships I will openly admit my faults I ride my bike often Family and friends are important to me. I must be Brazilian because I love small bikinis.  lol
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