A Parent’s Guide to Brooklyn Afterschool Programs

A range of possibilities are available for Brooklyn students once school lets out.

It’s never too soon to plan ahead and find a place for your children to go after school.

Sure, there are various options: play dates, heading home, a possible job for the older teen, but for many students learning doesn’t stop when school lets out.

Afterschool programs ecourage the nurturing of hobbies, improving specialized skill sets, and getting rid of some excess energy on the sports field. Below is a guide to afterschool programs in Brooklyn (some free!) that will keep kids safe, entertained and engaged in those hours before the nightly routine of homework, dinner, and bed.

Homework Help: Whether your child needs tutoring in a specific subject, or merely some supervision and encouragement, these places specialize in helping your kids!


Sports: As more schools cut physical education programs, remaining active is essential for kids. Here are a just a few places where young ones can let off a little steam.


Arts: Whether your child wants to dress up and perform on stage, turn doodling into a Picasso or use tools and blueprints to make their very own model home, these after school programs fit the bill.



Multi-Optional Facilities: Whether your child wants to cook, dance, learn circus skills, improve their French, or complete homework, these sites offer multiple activities for students after school.


City Funded Programs: The NYC Department of Youth and Community Development has sponsored these free afterschool programs that seek to nurture both the mind and the body. They offer tutoring, college prep, sports options, and arts. 

Of course this only a small sampling of what's available in the borough, so we’d love to hear from you as well.

What afterschool programs have your kids enjoyed or would you recommend?

Edea Krammer April 25, 2013 at 10:35 AM
What a great resource! And with this smart guide on it is best for our child to fuel with interests and consistency to whatever they want to be in like in sports or arts. As parents it is our duty to make all of these guides to happen for the reason that it doesn't work out if we don’t really mean it. KRK25GA.com


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