MoCADA Director Mulls Run For Tish James' Seat: Report

Laurie Cumbo considering campaign for 35th Council District covering Fort Greene, Prospect Heights and part of Clinton Hill.

The still-evolving race to succeed Councilwoman Letitia James, D-Fort Greene, may have just got a bit more crowded.

According to a report by the New York Observer's Politicker blog, local museum director Laurie Cumbo is looking into a campaign to replace James, who is running for Public Advocate in 2013.

"First and foremost, I would say that the political arena is in need of totally new, different of types of thinkers," Cumbo said to Politicker this week. "I feel that that the arts and cultural community has not had a voice in government and I feel that there are many voices and important voices in government, but there has never been that creative, imaginative new way of thinking, out-of-the-box thinking, that has been a major voice in the political arena. I’m looking to fill that void."

As executive director and founder of the , begun in 1999, Cumbo has been a highly visible neighborhood presence, appearing at several meetings of Community Board 2 and, most recently, at last month's  in Clinton Hill. 

If Cumbo officially throws her hat in the race, she will join former Council staffer Ede Fox, Khari Edwards and activist Jelani Mashariki.

Cumbo stressed to Politicker that she had not yet made a decision—however, the museum director seemed keen to expand beyond the arts and culture arena.

"I think that you should only run for public office when you have exhausted your ability to serve the community in your current capacity," she said. "In my current capacity, I can’t do anything more than what I’m doing."

For now it seems, Cumbo will content herself with going to work everyday at her office at 80 Hanson Place—a building named, perhaps tellingly, for another one-time aspirant for higher office: former Councilman James E. Davis.

Joe Gonzalez August 24, 2012 at 01:25 PM
OK Laurie: So you are eyeballing public office? If your above stated position about wanting to fill the void in political leadership, you can start right now by posting a reply below answering questions about your views on the various public policy issues of the day. The several local elected politicals have FAILED the electorate by declining my entreaties to answer questions. I hope you really are different. One, do you believe the US Government must use US Military troops to secure our borders against trespassers & drug dealers? Two, do you believe NYCHA Chair John Rhea must resign for incompetence? Three, do you believe marijuana should be legal & sold in stores along side of the tobacco & alcohol? Four, do you believe all illegal aliens should pack their bags & leave the USA? Five, do you believe the NYPD Police Commissioner's Office should be an elected Office? Six, give specific examples of things you have done to improve local NYCHA projects? Seven, state who you are supporting for the Assembly race & why--Walter Mosley or Ola Alabi? Eight, state who you are supporting for District Leader & why, Renee Collymore, Faye Moore or Wendy Washington? Nine, state who you are supporting for 2013 races for Mayor, Comptroller, Public Advocate & Brooklyn Boro President.


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