Community Activist Named To Hospital Board

Renee Collymore says she will fight for patient rights while serving on Brooklyn Hospital panel.

, a neighborhood healthcare institution located in the heart of Fort Greene since 1845, has selected its newest member to the Community Advisory Board—Renee Collymore.

Collymore is the president of the Vanderbilt Block Association and a former candidate for public office.

Responding to her selection as a member of Brooklyn Hospital's board, Collymore vowed to push the mission, values and vision of the institution. "I'm overjoyed to have been awarded this great priviledge to serve on this most prestigious board of leading professionals, who are committed to keeping Brooklyn healthy," she said.

That included fighting against cuts to federal healthcare entitlement programs, according to Collymore. 

"Given the majority of  patients served at Brooklyn Hospital are recipients of Medicaid and Medicare, we cannot afford to allow government leaders to play Russian Roulette with their lives," Collymore said. "I'm urging the New York Congressional Delegation to opposed these cuts, as well as Rep. Boehner, Pelosi and Reid."

Brooklyn Hospital includes nearly 3,000 medical professionals and staff providing care for 300,000 patients each year. 


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