Updated: Major Flooding Throughout Town

Millburn will ask National Guard for assistance, if a full-scale evacuation of South Mountain area becomes necessary.

updated 4:25 a.m., 7:25 a.m., 10:37 a.m., 4:45 p.m.

With water starting to go over the South Mountain flood walls, Millburn has asked for assistance by the National Guard if a full-scale evacuation of the area becomes necessary.

As of 9:20 a.m., water was flowing over the flood walls built after to protect the South Mountain neighborhood. But the walls aren't in danger of being breached, said Lt. Peter Eakley of Millburn's Office of Emergency Management's and the Milburn Police Department.

"We are not recommending that anyone evacuate your home at this juncture," Eakley said.  "Please move to your first floor and stay out of your basements. If you have a life-hazard emergency, we will conduct a rescue operation.

"Please stay tight, stay in your homes, and stay tuned for the most current information," he said. "All persons are reminded to not go out on to the streets or drive vehicles through standing water."

Residents received an automated call this morning alerting them to . New Jersey American Water issued the advisory for customers in Millburn, Short Hills, West Orange, Maplewood, Irvington, Springfield, Summit.

Sections of the following roads are closed because of flooding from the Rahway Rive:  Millburn Avenue, Essex Street, Main Street, Locust Street and Ridgewood Road. Other roads closed from flooding include JFK Parkway, Rte 124, sections of White Oak Ridge Road, Rte 24 East Bound (one lane closed), Passaic Avenue, and Parsonage Hill Road.

Andrew Morgan, of the Millburn Deli, told Patch below in the comments
section that he got a call from the Millburn Police Department.

"Downtown Millburn is now completely flooded. Many businesses are
extremely damaged," he said in his post.

All night and into the morning, the township of Millburn battled Hurricane Irene. The township continued to experience "major flooding," downtown and elsewhere, causing the closure of several streets and the evacuation of the care center, according to emergency services officials.

Overnight, trees fell on homes and across roads, streets flooded withrushing water, septic tanks overflowed and one motorist had to be rescued in running water, Eakley said.

Only two families had used the care and reception center tonight as of 4:30 a.m. and one of those was a family whose home on Chestnut Street was damaged when a tree fell on it, sending the family of five to the Millburn care and reception center for shelter, said Barbara Alllora, executive director of the American Red Cross.

"This happened to us during Hurricane Floyd as well," Allora said. "We were at the High School and had to be evacuated because of flooding. It's bad out there."

The care and reception center at Millburn High School changed locations to the American Red Cross at 389 Millburn Ave. because of the flooding in the high school parking lot.

On Sunday, Mayor Sandy Haimoff toured the township with the fire chief and business adminstrator.

they ""went through the town to see exactly what the situation was. We were wonderfully prepared," she said. "There's nothing you can do until it hits.

"We're waiting for the electric companies to come in first because they have to come in first before anyone touches the trees," she said. "We're working as quickly as we can. We have had all our manpower on duty throughout the night....The fortunate thing from what I've been told, is we have no injuries. That's the most important thing, the safety of our residents."

Brian Falzarano contributed to this report.

This is a breaking news story and we will post more information as we get it. Check back soon.

Laura Griffin August 29, 2011 at 05:13 PM
Water has resided but it's a huge mess over there.... Clean up story coming later today. You can see pictures from yesterday's flood in the neighborhood here: http://patch.com/A-l49P .
Amber D. August 29, 2011 at 06:09 PM
Does anyone know how Short Hills Avenue is doing? I am out of town. My house is by the 2nd smaller parking lot at the train station.
Joanne Smythe August 30, 2011 at 03:45 AM
No issues that I've seen there. That's fairly high up on the hill.
Laura Griffin August 31, 2011 at 02:11 PM
Thanks for helping each other with information here. We have set up a story Neighbors Helping Neighbors where people who need help can connect with people who want to help. Have a high school group wanting to help drag furniture to the curb? Post it. Need help cleaning up? Or someone to check on your home? Post it there. This is something Millburn and Short Hills is going to deal with for a long time.
fran kaye September 01, 2011 at 10:47 PM
I use to live in SH back in the 1990s and it looks like things haven't changed with the utility company. We use to get lots of black outs. One time I decided to investigate and drove to the pole where the problem was. I sat and watched the man in the truck sit inside for hours. Then he finally went up to the box and flipped a switch and came down and drove away. I think there is some discrimination going on in the SH/Milburn area.


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