This Week's Police Blotter: Break-ins and Hold-ups

Crime reports from the 88th Precinct

This blotter was compiled using information provided by the New York Police Department. It does not indicate a conviction.

Thief in the evening

A thief picked the lock and broke into a Carlton Avenue apartment last Monday between 6 and 8 p.m. He left undetected with a $175 pair of sunglasses and a $1,000 diamond necklace.

Snatch and grab

A 15-year-old male was walking to the subway on Lafayette Avenue on Monday afternoon when an unknown teenager approached him and said "we need this" before snatching his $600 iPhone and punching him in the face. Police are looking for a black male around 16 years old.

Deli delinquincy

Someone stole $1,300 in cash from behind the counter at the King of Classon Deli on Thursday. The thief entered the store and started chatting with cashier, meanwhile casually moseying behind the counter. Only later did the proprietors realize that a paper bag filled with money, which had been sitting on a shelf behind the counter, had gone missing. They identified the thief by looking at video surveillance footage.

Another lost iPhone

A 49-year-old woman was walking on Irving Place on Wednesday when a thief approached her brandishing an ice pick. The thief, an unidentified black female around 30 years old, took an iPhone and a $200 gold chain.

Thrift store robbed

A thief made off with $400 of designer handbags after breaking a window at Project Hope Boutique Thrift in Fort Greene on Thursday. The owner says she arrived to find the store's window smashed and several items missing including at least five handbags. The crime most likely took place around 5 a.m.

Another designer handbag stolen

A woman was sitting at the bar at restaurant late Saturday night when a stranger came in and sat next to her, putting her coat on the same chair as the woman's handbag. When the stranger left she took not only her own coat but also the bag beneath it. The $1,800 Gucci bag contained a $400 camera, $400 glasses, and $265 glasses. Police are looking for a black female around 40 years of age.

Punched for a phone

A 34 year old man was walking along Flatbush Avenue on Sunday afternoon when a thief punched him in the back of the head. Turning around to face his unknown assailant, the man was presented with a green knife and an order to hand over his $600 iPhone. Wanted is a 15-year-old black male, 5-foot 3-inches tall and 140 pounds.

Gabrielle Laporta Colts Neck March 06, 2012 at 11:47 PM
I walk around the city with my iphone locked to my belt, kids these days... Gabrielle Laporta, Colts Neck, NJ
Carolyn Romberg March 07, 2012 at 11:37 PM
Iphones don't cose $600! Top of the line 32G 4S could cost $399 if you wanted one that big and were a first time user. But that same phone costs $199 as an upgrade and the regular 4 is only $99. I don't get why people think they cost way more than they do?


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