Eye in the Sky! NYPD Surveillance Cameras Coming to Two Intersections

Blocks on Myrtle Avenue and Fulton Street will soon be monitored by conspicuous cameras mounted on light poles.

Cops on patrol in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill will soon have a new eye in the sky to fight crime.

Deputy Inspector Anthony Tasso announced on Tuesday that four new high-tech cameras that record footage for 30 days and can be remotely controlled would be installed high on light poles at two intersections within the .

“I’m pretty excited. The cameras will hopefully deter crime and help solve them when they occur,” Tasso said during a meeting of the 88th Precinct Community Council.

Two of the cameras will be installed on Myrtle Avenue between Carlton Avenue and St. Edwards Street, and the other pair will be at the at Fulton Street.

Cops have the ability to remotely zoom, pan and tilt the cameras in true video game fashion. They can also monitor the feed live. Tasso was unsure when the cameras would be installed, but said they were coming soon.

“It’s a wonderful measure,” said Renee Collymore, who owns property at Putnam and Grand avenues. “The cameras will be a great step toward getting the neighborhood where we’ve been trying to get it to.”

Still, Collymore added that some locals would likely be uneasy with the “Big Brother” aspect of the cameras, which loom conspicuously over intersections.

But Tasso described the cameras as a vital new device in his crime fighting toolbox that comes at an opportune time, as he is ordering to move from the Atlantic Terminal mall to Myrtle Avenue in the area of the Ingersoll and Whitman houses in response to a recent uptick in crime.

Paul Palazzo March 17, 2011 at 06:54 PM
It is sad to see this day come where street surveillance is now to be considered the norm. It speaks to a widening distrust between the New York City Police Department and the residents of Fort Greene, for that matter all New Yorkers. Twenty four hour monitoring is for patients under critical care, babies, or wild animals. Are we these? Inspector Tasso and Tish James, who have done a lot of good in Fort Greene should re-examine this policing strategy as it places on the youth of Fort Greene, and all residents, a devastating burden they will have to carry all their lives. Imagine being monitored as if you were in a zoo because you cannot be trusted as a valuable member of society. That is what I mean by devastating. How many summer jobs could five hundred thousand dollars have paid for in order to keep our youth off the streets as instead socially proud contributing members of our community? Four cameras (two in Fort Greene) versus investing in the people of our community, our social fabric. It is a huge price to pay on many levels. Paul Palazzo Fort Greene Association
Joe Gonzalez March 17, 2011 at 08:51 PM
@ Paul Palazzo: It was YOU Paul Palazzo who, to your credit, lead the charge for more "beat" cops in Green Hill, now you are heard to complaint about surveillance cameras? What gives? Please be consistant. You opposed me several months back when I spoke with you about erecting a wrought iron fence around Fort Greene Park as a crime prevention tool. I had hoped to lock up the Park at night to help stem the tide of some night time crimes therein. Surveillance cameras don't shoot innocence people in the back nor otherwise cause the out of Court settlemets that living breathing cops sometimes do, and they are the world's best eye witnesses. Think about it, Paul, and kept up the good work you do.
Joe Gonzalez March 19, 2011 at 11:15 PM
I am posting LIVE from Times Square where I now report to all that about 5:45 pm this afternoon I encountered two uniformed cops from the 88th Police Precinct standing on the corner of West 44th Street near Broadway. Located nearby were two more cops, this pair from the 83rd Police Precinct in Bushwick. The question needs to be asked is why are Brooklyn Cops being sent off in pairs to go patrol Manhattan in general and Times Square in particular? What happened to the ten extra cops the 88th Precinct supposedly got?
HK March 22, 2011 at 04:30 AM
we need more foot patrol on willoughby and Myrtle, If a person can be jumped from the back on Emerson Place at 11 pm thats bad, and to take the G train mid day at Lafayette and be robbed is even worse. We surely need more foot patrol around, but Cameras at some sections will also scare off the robbers.


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