De Blasio Appoints William Bratton NYPD Commissioner

Former NYPD, LAPD top cop returns to former post.

Courtesy: Southern California Leadership Conference.
Courtesy: Southern California Leadership Conference.
Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio made his first major appointment Thursday, returning William Bratton, former NYPD and LAPD Commissioner, to the department's top post. 

De Blasio made the announcement on his Transition2013 website Thursday morning. 

"Together, we are going to preserve and deepen the historic gains we’ve made in public safety—gains Bill Bratton helped make possible," de Blasio said in a statement. "And we will do it by rejecting the false choice between keeping New Yorkers safe and protecting their civil rights. This is an administration that will do both."

Bratton was NYPD commissioner from 1994 to 1996 when he followed none other than Ray Kelly, the man he succeeds now as well. 

The mayor-elect made a point of drawing attention to Bratton's reputation for pioneering community policing and pledged that the two would work together to end the overuse of stop-and-frisk, the controversial tactic that has defined the Bloomberg-Kelly era in New York.
Joe Gonzalez December 05, 2013 at 04:01 PM
William Bratton is a POS! He got some serious racial hangups about People of Color; he is on record as having publicly stated he believes Latinos/Blacks are the biggest crooks in NYC. No one ought to forget Bratton's assaults against the Black community span three states and two decades. Some of his attacks against Black folks include:One, in 1989 Bratton while a top cop in Boston ordered the arrests of 300 Black men after a white man named Charles Stuart falsely claimed a Black man robbed him & killed his wife. Two, in 1993 while Chief of the NYC Transit Police--and later while NYPD Police Commissioner Bratton started the stop and frisk policy that targeted Blacks.Three, In 1994 Bratton tried to cover up the shooting of an on duty Black NYC Transit cop named Desmond Robinson by off duty white NYPD cop named Peter DelDebbio. The latter shot the former in the back several times. Bratton slipped DelDebbio into the hospital with then Mayor Giuliani & a NY Daily News photographer & illegally photoed a comatose Robinson and the NYDaily Newser wrote up the encounter on a front page article "I forgive You" falsely claiming the comatose Robinson woke up and greeted DelDebbio warmly with forgiveness. DelDebbio was later convicted after trial of assault & NYC also paid Robinson a $3 million settlement. Four, Bratton in 2009 Bratton went to Los Angeles with his racist attacks on L.A.'s black population that is well documented i.e. bad shootings, 900,000 stop and frisk of Black folks, etc. DiBlasio with his pick of Bratton already sold out Black folks. History will repeat itself!


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