DA's Office Confirms: All Charges Dropped Against Ehud Halevi

Halevi's attorney says this only the first step; has requested an investigation into the officers involved, with the aim of possible criminal charges

Charges were dropped today against 21-year-old Jewish youth Ehud Halevi, according to a statement issued by Kings County District Attorney Charles Hynes.

“After review of all available evidence I have decided to dismiss the charges against Ehud Halevy," wrote Hynes in an official statement on Monday.

Halevi made headlines after a video surfaced of him being beaten and then arrested by two NYPD officers for refusing to leave a Jewish community center for troubled youth in Crown Heights.

It was later learned that Halevi had permission to be at the center.

The news of his arrest sparked a national outcry. And on Friday, the community held a protest demonstration outside of the 71st Police Precinct -- where the cops were assigned -- demanding that all charges against Halevi are dropped.

"Justice was done," Civil Rights Attorney Norman Siegel told Patch, following the recent decision. "We commend the DA for doing the right thing. It was a joint effort by the lawyers, the client, the Crown Heights community, and together, we achieved a just resolution."

Siegel added that on Wednesday morning, he will accompany Ehud to court to confirm the charges are dropped.

"This is the first step, but it’s not over; we still have some steps to go to get full accountability," said Siegel. "We’ve requested the DA's office to continue the investigation with an aim towards possible criminal charges against the two police officers that violated our client’s rights. And the DA has informed us that the investigation continues."

Once the charges are cleared on Wednesday, Siegel said he plans to make Ehud available that same day for comment at press event in Crown Heights, but he could not yet confirm where.

"But we’ll make him available at some point," he said.

Areial October 23, 2012 at 12:33 AM
I hope that the same outrage is expressed in our community when other nationalities have their civil rights violated.
Joe Gonzalez October 23, 2012 at 12:56 PM
@ Areial: I agree with you the Hasidic Jewish Community MUST roll out in large numbers when NYPD goons abuse Black folks if the Hasidic Jewish Community is to have credibility and respectability in the Community of humanity


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