The Hottest Brooklyn Match Maker Continues to Break The Ice at Five Spot!

Have you ever wondered who’s single and who’s not at a bar or lounge “Well, with all of the buzz that’s been circling around the Brooklyn Matchmaker” it’s finally time for you to meet your fate.   

"We expect to not only have fun, eat and be merry for the holidays but sit back relax and watch the ice break,” The site is one of the most laid back and intimate places to be and the events have already been a great opportunity to build lasting and new relationships via their “Chivalry Is Not Dead” theme. 

“We’re really going to build on top of that, give everyone a chance to really get to know each other instead of rushing the flow.  Sometimes the best thing to do is watch how men and women handle themselves prior to the official date.  See what they are about before you rush in, sort of speak." says Dasia, Marketing Director  "I really love when you are able to let your hair down, and have a great conversation with someone and possibly fall in love with the mind before your hearts are introduced.” Nijah says, Niso Model. 

While putting a bunch of single people in one place might well result in some matches.  The Niso Soulmates events have been rumored to be one of the most unique mixers to ever step on the scene since 2011, it makes face-to-face dating fun, entertaining and exciting! Members will be able to engage in a night of one on ones without feeling pressured, rushed and most of all STUCK—“Chivalry Is Not Dead” mixed with the one that they call “The Hottest Brooklyn Match-Maker around" continues to break the ice offline each time.  

“Becoming a member on Niso Soulmates has become an effective way to meet, but it's not always the best way to get to know someone.  And with great drinks, awesome food and conversation we make sure you start on the road to seeing what the possibilities are before making plans for the official DATE!" 

You are invited to the most amazing part of the site to date. Since our first mixer in 2011 at Eves Lounge approximately 2 couples are now engaged and 1 couple is about to be married in a few weeks! 

We are really thankful to be a part of such an awesome community and to re-launch the site on December 13, 2013 as well. And if you have not ever attended a Niso Soulmates Mixer, you are truly missing a good time – I definitely recommend you put it in your plans because it gets better each time:)

Cost: FREE

MENU: http://eat24hrs.com/restaurants/order/menu.php?id=6573

(PLUS) More

READ MORE ABOUT THE SITE RE-LAUNCH>>>http://nisosoulmates.com/profiles/blogs/niso-soulmates-will-be-host...


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