Volunteer City: How to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

Everyone says it, but for us it's actually true: We are all New Yorkers. Let's get to work.

People want to help. But in times of crisis like these, the question is often: "How?"

Well, lots of ways, it turns out.

Considering the catastrophic loss our city has endured in the wake of Hurricane Sandy in terms of life, property and vital infrastructure, the need for volunteers has never been greater.

Here is a list of places that are either directly helping victims or connecting people to organizations that do. If you are looking for volunteers, feel free to spread the word in our comments section. You can also email paul.leonard@patch.com or laurene@patch.com.

Let's get to work.

Please consider emergency donation now to Masbia. They are feeding 500-plus evacuated seniors: https://www.masbia.org/donate.asp

Red Hook Recovers
This is a recovery organizing site for New York's Red Hook neighborhood in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The site allows people to offer/request assistance, and is coordinated by the folks at OWS and community organizations on the ground: https://redhook.recovers.org/

Brooklyn Bridge Park
We will concentrate our efforts on the perimeters of the park, cleaning up debris left over from floodwaters. Work will take place near Pier 6 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Please wear water-resistant shoes and clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. Please RSVP to sward@brooklynbridgepark.org. Stay tuned for additional clean up opportunities in the coming days and weeks.

City-sponsored services
Want to Volunteer? Please email nycservice@cityhall.nyc.gov with your name, email address and borough. There will be ways to volunteer today and over the next week as opportunities arise.

One of the city's 65 shelters, including Brooklyn Tech and John Jay High School
If nothing else, one can always just show up at a local site and volunteer there: http://www.nyc.gov/html/misc/html/2012/hurricane_shelters.html.

Amy Sara Clark November 01, 2012 at 02:06 AM
From Chris Owens, District Leader, 52nd A.D. Unofficial word from friends assisting at hurricane shelters in Brooklyn: Overall, good work is being done. The shelters are well-staffed and they have food, but folks still need basics: underwear, shirts, sweaters, cough drops, games, entertainment, bras, hygienic products, etc. Folks are depressed, there is no real entertainment, nor are things to "pass the time." The kitchen staff at these shelters also need relief. They have been on their feet all day (at Bensonhurt/Bay Ridge shelter especially). Sometimes, unfortunately, volunteers are not being used well. Sweaters are needed; senior citizens are cold. Phones and/or computers are needed to enable people to make out-of-state calls. Some shelters, like in Ft. Greene, need Spanish speakers. If you think you can be of assistance, drop in and make sure they use you well! :) See list of shelters in next comment.
Amy Sara Clark November 01, 2012 at 02:06 AM
BROOKLYN SHELTERS NYC Technical College, 300 Jay St Park Slope Armory, 361 15th St JHS 57, 125 Stuyvesant Av IS 111, 35 Starr St I.S. 117, 300 Willoughby Av I.S. 136, 4004 4th Av P.S. 189, 1100 East New York Av I.S. 246, 72 Veronica Place P.S. 249, 18 Marlborough Rd I.S. 271, 1137 Herkimer St I.S. 55, 2021 Bergen St I.S. 292, 300 Wyona St I.S. 383, 1300 Greene Av Franklin K. Lane High School, 999 Jamaica Av Brooklyn Tech High School, 29 Fort Greene Pl Boys & Girls High School, 1700 Fulton St John Jay High School, 237 7th Av Bushwick High School, 400 Irving Av I.S. 187, 1171 65th Street Franklin D. Roosevelt High School, 5800 20th Av Clara Barton High School, 901 Classon
BRADY November 01, 2012 at 04:07 AM
Wait! the mayor plans to continue with the NYC marathon on sunday ,i really don't think he would go through with this if so many people were still in such need i mean he would'nt pull all these essential services from NYC when so many people are still in need just to run a foot race would he ?!?! this article MUST be a LIE
Eddie November 01, 2012 at 05:26 AM
But he will, my child, he will. He has all the props necessary to have those poor souls scampering through briars and branches and flooded streets but graciously declined Obama's offer to come and see the devastation we underwent because of his inability to provide proper security. You go figure.
Michael Koski November 01, 2012 at 04:08 PM
The mayor seems to live in another universe. We need every first responder available to continue the recovery from Sandy. Instead, many will be deployed to help out with the marathon. The guys is so out of touch at times, it is frightening and infuriating.
Amy Sara Clark November 02, 2012 at 01:55 PM
We dropped of clothing at Franklin D. Roosevelt High School, 5800 20th Ave, in Borough Park yesterday and they particularly need volunteers in the evenings (after 6 pm) and over the weekend. They also need clothes, kids toys, food and pretty much anything you can think of. "We need everything," an organizer said. -Amy
Amy Sara Clark November 03, 2012 at 03:08 AM
More info on what to donate and where, from Sarah Jenny, via FFN: Basically just show up at ANY of the shelters and they will gladly take your service. It seems folks are needed more in the evenings/overnight than during the day when more people are trying to volunteer. You can also help coordinate donation drop-offs as a way to contribute. Maybe inform and rally your neighbors and bring donations to one of these drop off locations as a way to contribute: These are Brooklyn-specific donation drop-off locations: ROCKAWAY and Far Rockaway Location 1: Firehouse on 59th street across from the train station. contact person: Jean Dupont 9179755623 Location 2: Veggie Island 96th Street and Rockaway Beach Blvd. Location 3: Store Front Community Center B113 and Rockaway Blvd Seen next comment for additional info
Amy Sara Clark November 03, 2012 at 03:10 AM
Specific Requests in Rockaway (starred ones most urgent): * Propane grill or camping style oven * Plates, cups, forks, bowls, spoons, etc * blankets, jackets, gloves, hats, anything to keep folks warm * cleaning supplies - buckets, squeegies, mops, bleach * masks, gloves for cleaning * socks * water * tarps * garbage bags boots electric stove gas stove satellite phones big paper, tape, markers pens, paper, notepads generators pumps camping tables gasoline gasoline containers percolator fire extinguishers walkie talkies i9 tablets projector/illuminator FORT GREENE/CLINTON HILL 45 Waverly just off of Park Ave PARK SLOPE New Hope Church 120/122 16th St btw 4th and 5th ave Contact: Pastor Craig: (718) 768-5275 RED HOOK The Red Hook Initiative 767 Hicks Street Contact: Mariya (347) 770-1528 (but please just show up!) Specific Requests in Redhook: (Will be updated at redhook.recovers.org prepared food (including food for children) batteries flashlights power strips toiletries (including toilet paper and paper towels) utensils such as spoons and bowls jugs of water BAY RIDGE Residence 9108 Colonial Rd. Brooklyn 11209 #E9 SUNSET PARK St. Jacobi Church 5406 4th Ave Contact: Ronnie 646-353-5194 Specific Requests in Sunset Park: steamtable foil pans full or half size w lids blankets cleaning supplies tin foil saran wrap see next comment for rest
Amy Sara Clark November 03, 2012 at 03:11 AM
WILLIAMSBURG (starting Nov 1, 10am) Residence 306 Leonard St, apt J1 (btwn Conselyea and Metropolitan) Contact: Jennifer (917) 586-4153 BEDSTUY Residence 136 Jefferson Ave, apt 2 11216 EAST WILLIAMSBURG (Beginning Thursday Nov 1 at 12 noon) House of Yes 342 Maujer st Contact: Kae Burke (525)217-7209 DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN NYCC 2-4 Nevins Street, 2nd Floor


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