Shelter: Even Bookstore Owners Get the Real Estate Blues

Hunting for a two bedroom for Greenlight owner Jessica Stockton Bagnulo.

As any New Yorker will tell you, apartment hunting is tough proposition these days.

Especially for those, like 's Jessica Stockton Bagnulo, with a growing family in need of space.

Stockton Bagnulo, who , sent the following message via email Friday:

"Since the arrival of baby Marian, our junior one-bedroom apartment is feeling a bit small, so in time-honored New York tradition, we're putting the word out that we're looking in hopes of that friend-of-a-friend connection that leads to
the perfect place," she wrote.

Stockton Bagnulo and family are looking for a 2 bedroom between $2,000 and $2,200 a month.

So to help her out, we thought we'd hunt around for a few available properties located near her .

If you have any other suggestions: Feel free to throw them our way in the comments section.


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