MTA Moolah: Subway or Buses? [POLL]

Tell us how the transit agency should spend its money locally.

On Monday, the Metropolitan Transit Authority announced a deal with the New York State Legislature to secure $2.1 billion in capital funding, including an agreement to lift the city-state agency's bond cap so that it could borrow even more money.

The news secured the future of big projects expected to be competed in the next five years like East Side Access and (will it ever happen?) the Second Avenue subway.

However, what most straphangers may not know is that much of the MTA's capital budget actually goes to things like the Classon Avenue "G" line station's ongoing paint job and .

This week's agreement did have its critics.

"This deal does nothing to stave off the fare hikes scheduled in 2013, 2015 and 2017," said Paul Steely White, executive director of the advocacy group Transportation Alternatives. "If anything, the reliance on billions of dollars of more debt ensures that Albany will continue to pass the buck to riders for the debt they’ve incurred."

But as raw a deal for straphangers the current deal might be, there's no end of projects that the MTA could use this money on.

So to help out our friends at the MTA, here are a few suggestions for some immediate uses for the money. Let us know what you would choose—and let us know what we forgot to include in the comments.


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