Five Summer Bars You Just Can't Miss

Our drinking columnist gives you the insider's tip on where to spend the summer sipping in the neighborhood.

Let’s face it: when summer arrives, it is tough to find a bar that can compete with the stoop, a fire escape, or a sunny rooftop. Even a tall boy in a brown paper bag at the beach will beat the pants off a dank, dark watering hole with $3 draughts.

But sometimes a bar manages to create an atmosphere that blows even the sweatiest barbecue out of the water. Our little nabe is home to many of them. Without further ado, here is your list of the Five Summer Bars You Just Can’t Miss.


I will go to the mat for Frank’s Lounge until the day I die. I sang “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do)” at last week’s Grown & Sexy Karaoke with a plate full of complimentary hot wings and a giant smile on my face. The and the back yard opens up for BBQ season throughout the summer. I have been practicing my Chaka Khan in the shower all week. I’d suggest you do the same.

2) Habana Outpost

This seasonal favorite has just reopened its doors and still holds claim to title of the most eclectic bar in Brooklyn. With its focus on sustainability, a killer food truck, the most attractive patrons in the city and a truly delightful outdoor space, few stones are left unturned. Even outerboro-phobic Manhattanites will set aside their whining for a pint at this socially responsible inebriate’s paradise. 


So maybe you don’t think of Germany on a sunny afternoon, but you probably should. Have you ever had a Radler with a pretzel? Delicious. Why us ‘Merkins have never thought to mix lemonade and beer is a mystery. This bar is and the prices are reasonable. The outdoor seating will probably be up and running in the next few weeks, which means there really isn’t a better spot in Fort Greene for people watching with a frosty brew.

Every list requires a "Duh" inclusion. This is it. If you don’t get drunk at Hot Bird at least twice this summer then you might as well move back to the boring little hamlet you grew up in. The beers are great and they change every week. The outdoor space is massive and your friends in Prospect Heights won’t kick and scream about crossing the border. I’m already daydreaming about closing down the joint at 4 a.m. and scarfing a couple Big Macs across the street on my way home. Heaven.

Is the Alibi kinda gross and filled with nut jobs? Yes. (The editor of Fort Greene Patch being one them.) Does the bathroom smell like pee and remind you of college? Probably. Creepiness aside, I will put money on the table right now betting that your next night at this bar will be one to remember. There’s a reason my ex-girlfriend named her dog after this place: she found him on the back patio. Nuff said.

pastoralia May 19, 2011 at 06:57 PM
All great examples...but FG/CH needs a good dog bar. I have no idea why Hot Bird doesn't allow dogs on their patio.


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