Evacuees Still Hanging Tight at Brooklyn Tech

Though population is down from its height during the storm, dozens still waiting for subway and bus service to resume.

It's still a waiting game at Brooklyn Tech.

Dozens of evacuees, many of them with health issues or residents of parts of the borough accessible only by bus or subway, still are taking shelter at the Fort Greene high school—. 

According to shelter operations manager Neil Manus, getting an exact count of evacuees was difficult because people were coming in and out at will. However, Manus estimated that a total of 128 evacuees, including 31 children, took shelter at Brooklyn Tech during the height of the storm.

But significant portion of the number are still holding tight, and waiting.

"They're are people that got here by bus," Manus said. "And they are not going anywhere soon."

Among the evacuees are 41 men and women with health problems, many of whom are waiting for nursing homes in affected areas to give the all clear for their return, according to Manus.

Two people with diabetes were sent to Brooklyn Hospital last night so that doctors could closely monitor their blood sugar, Manus said. 

As of noon Sunday, the halls were mostly empty at the high school, as was the auditorium, which projected news reports on a large projection screeen for evacuees. 

"They are treating us well here, it's nice," said one evacuee, a woman from Coney Island. "But I have no idea when we're gonna get to go home."

Though Brooklyn Tech was inspected and deemed by the ASPCA on Saturday, none showed up before, during and after the storm, Manus said. 


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