Brooklyn Hospital Set to Integrate Operations with Interfaith: Report

A new report from the governor's office recommends that ailing area care centers combine with stronger facilities.

Major restructuring is being recommended for failing Brooklyn hospitals, says a new report from the Governor’s office.

The reports authors, a group appointed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, recommend legislation to provide authority “not just in Brooklyn and not just for troubled hospitals, but across the state and along the continuum of care,” according to the New York Times.

The report recommends that three hospitals in danger of financial collapse, Brookdale Hospital Medical Center, Interfaith Medical Center and Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, be joined with stronger area hospitals. , which recently emerged from bankruptcy, would join with Wyckoff Heights, in Bushwick, and Interfaith, in Bed-Stuy.

According to the Times, critics of this plan say that combining weak hospitals has rarely created strong institutions in the long term. 

Though no longer bankrupt, Brooklyn Hospital is not entirely free of problems of its own. In September, after management attempted to raise the qualifying age for full pension benefits. The strike was averted and a new three-year contract was approved.


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