A Tale of Two Broke-Down Buildings

Clinton Hill tenants react to Worst Landlord rankings released this week.

Bet that super who takes a week to unclog the sink doesn't look so bad after all?

Tenants of two Clinton Hill apartment buildings found out recently that in terms of housing violations for things like unpermitted work, rodent infestation and lead-based paint, their landlords ranked among the worst in the five boroughs, according to a report compiled by the office of city Pubic Advocate Bill de Blasio

"We just moved in, so this is a surprise," said a tenant of 420 Clinton Ave., a 49-unit apartment building between Greene and Gates avenues with a total of 349 complaints with the city Department of Buildings—nine of which are open.

Built in 1919, the structure—which ranks No. 32 on the Worst Landlord list in Brooklyn—has no fewer than four posted work permits for construction on its facade, basement, structural beams and plumbing.

"We were hoping that they would take the scaffolding down before we moved in, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon," said the tenant, who said she recently moved from Harlem.

Though if the situation at 420 Clinton Ave. looks bad, it's nothing compared to the plight of tenants at 71 Grand Ave. at Park Avenue south of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.

A visit Wednesday revealed several broken windows and a pile of debris on the sidewalk.

A DOB notice tacked on the building's front door said that permits have been issued for extensive renovations to the six-family building, as well as concrete work.

With 65 housing infractions on file, 71 Grand Ave. was No. 114 on the list.

The building is no stranger to the city's Worst Landlord designation.

In August 2010, tenants held a press conference to force the building's manager, Sam Weinberger, to fix holes in the ceiling, a collapsed bathroom and to do something about the rodents living in the basement.

The building's current listed owner, Abraham Herzog, could not be reached for comment.


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