Kelso in Cans? Brewery Hopes to Win $250K Grant

Beermaker hopes a small business grant will give it the funds to start packaging locally made suds in cans to sell citywide.

Clinton Hill’s is hoping that a $250,000 small business grant will help them to finally sell their beers in cans citywide, according to the Brooklyn Paper.

If the microbrewery wins the grant, they could double their beer output and distribute about 1.5 million cans every year, according to the article.

“It’s a way for us to grow our product—and put ourselves out there,” Kelso co-founder Kelly Taylor told the Brooklyn Paper.

A six-pack would cost about $12, and would be available in bodegas and grocery stores around the city, says the article, not just on tap at bars and in growlers at the brewery. Taylor said that he's working on a “clean and uncluttered” design, which will likely feature blue lettering on a cream-colored can.

The venture may be a good way for Kelso to expand their business and win new customers—after all, a state court recently , adding an extra cost for locally made suds.


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