Dope Jams Closing Due to Financial Woes

The Myrtle Avenue record store will hold a closing party at 8 p.m. on Jan. 26.


A local record store that has been a Clinton Hill mainstay for nearly a decade will be closing its doors for good come the end of January. 

On Jan. 26, vinyl shop Dope Jams will close "[seven] years to the day since it opened" in the 580 Myrtle Ave. space, owners Francis Englehardt and Paul Nickerson noted on the store's Web site

Englehardt and Nickerson cited financial troubles as the source of the store's closing. "…[O]ur rent has been raised threefold, and sadly our imaginary trustifarian [sic] benefactors just can't swing it anymore."

"We knew exactly what kind of a logistical and financial sh*tstorm we were getting into. But ultimately, we wanted to devote ourselves, to put every ounce of energy and every dime saved into the perpetuation and expansion of dope music," the pair detailed in its farewell. 

"We threw ourselves into installing the sound and the aesthetics to situate our project and our philosophy, and with that set in place, we proceeded to push music we thought was worthwhile, music that was beautiful and pure and capable of wading past the massive expanses of mediocrity and opportunism that we saw as gaining the upper hand," they continued.

"We gave enough of a sh*t then, and have continued to give a sh*t for 7 [sic] long years struggling through dwindling sales, personal loss, and daily disappointments. If only for the [barrage] of weirdos, freaks and outcasts walking through that door every day, it was absolutely worth it."

Though the store's physical presence in the neighborhood will soon be no longer, Dope Jams will continue its online operations

Engelhardt and Nickerson also compiled a playlist that they said will "forever remind us of 580 Myrtle Ave." here

Dope Jams will hold a closing party at 8 p.m. on the store's last day in operation. 

Joe Gonzalez January 09, 2013 at 12:13 AM
Dope Jams' impending departure makes them the latest victims of MARP's ethnic cleansing. Folks, make no mistake about it, MARP is hellbent on the removal of any and every establishment on Myrtle Avenue that is owned by People of Color and/or heavily patronized by them such as Dope Jams. MARP's ethnic cleansing partner on Fulton Street is FAB whose ethnic cleansing of Fulton Street has wiped out over forty minority-owned businesses on Fulton Street in the past three years. The most galling part about these two groups' actions is a Black elected City Councilmember Tish James has over the years provided political support & more importantly public funds to MARP & FAB to do the things they do [to minority businesses.] Go look at FAB and MARP's websites and you will see where FAB and MARP both brag that Tish James provides the support for the things they do. Go figure.
Cerise January 09, 2013 at 07:24 PM
I think Joe Gonzalez is being unfair to Councilmember James. I think she does a good job for all her constituents, black and white.
Joe Gonzalez January 11, 2013 at 12:30 AM
Hello Cerise: I agree with you that Tish James earns good grades for constituents services--to both Blacks & Whites. I have watched her help many folks over the years. I posted in this blog & others when I think Ms. James has done well. But you ought be clear that Ms. James--a Black woman--has FAILED People of Color to the extent that she has provided political & financial support to FAB & MARP. These two groups are hell bent on wiping out Black folks from Fulton Street & Myrtle Avenue. FAB has wiped out over forty Black-owned businesses on Fulton Street over the past three years. MARP has wiped out over twenty Black-owned stores on Myrtle Avenue. Tish James as a Black woman ought be conscious of the damage her support of FAB & MARP has inflected on Green Hill's Black community. I believe notwithstanding some good Tish James has done in Green Hill, the fact that Ms. James continues to support FAB & MARP while never raising public concerns on the combined destruction of over sixty Black-owned stores does NOT bode well for Tish James. Indeed on FAB and MARP' websites they brag about the political & financial support Tish James gives them. I cannot envision a scenario where a Jewish politician would sit by idle and support and fund groups that destroy Jewish-owned businesses. The truth is if Phil Kellogg of FAB & Michael Blaise Backer of MARP went into the Jewish Community & did to Jews what they are currently doing to Blacks in Green Hill the repercussions would be profound.


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