Ian Tattersall discusses Masters of the Planet: The Search for Our Human Origins with Will Harcourt-Smith

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Ian Tattersall & Will Harcourt-Smith

Start: May 3 2012 7:30 pm

Thursday, May 3, 7:30 PM 
Ian Tattersall discusses Masters of the Planet: The Search for Our Human Origins with Will Harcourt-Smith

50,000 years ago - merely a blip in evolutionary time - our Homo sapiens ancestors were competing for existence with several other human species, just as their own precursors had been doing for millions of years. Yet something about our species separated it from the pack, and led to its survival while the rest became extinct.  So just what was it that allowed Homo sapiens to become Masters of the Planet?   Curator Emeritus at the American Museum of Natural History, Ian Tattersall takes us deep into the fossil record to uncover what made humans so special.  Surveying a vast field from initial bipedality to language and intelligence, Tattersall argues that Homo sapiens acquired a winning combination of traits that was not the result of long term evolutionary refinement. Instead it emerged quickly, shocking their world and changing it forever. Tattersall discusses our ancestors' precarious path to dominance with Will Harcourt-Smith, his colleague at the American Museum of Natural History and a noted teacher and scientist.


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