Cumbo Blames Community Tension For Knockout Attacks

Council member-elect releases open letter on Facebook.

In an open letter posted on her Facebook page, City Councilmember-elect Laurie Cumbo has addressed the recent "knockout" attacks in the Crown Heights community, and has placed the blame on community tension between black and Jewish residents.

Cumbo said in the letter that she has seen a degree of tension in the community with regard to "the accomplishments of the Jewish community triggers feelings of resentment, and a sense that Jewish success is not also their success."

Already, the letter has garnered an intense reaction in the community. Some have said it only further drives a wedge, but supporters on Facebook have added their own comments backing her acknowledgement of largely unspoken tension.

The letter was picked up by several media outlets, and criticized by Assemblyman Dov Hikind. 

Cumbo also wrote in the letter that she plans to hold a series of meetings after taking office in the hope of uniting Jewish and black community members in an effort to stop the attacks.  
Joe Gonzalez December 06, 2013 at 01:07 PM
Congratulations to Ms. Laurie Cumbo for calling it exactly as it is. Some folks have expressed shock at Ms. Cumbo's above referenced remarks. People don't want to hear such things said because they are drunk on the effects of sipping Obama Juice for the past five years. As a result they are deluded into believing we are a post-racial Society. Others, especially certain Central Brooklyn elected public officials are feigning ignorance of the poor state of Black-Jewish relations because they take the Black vote for granted. They are gearing up for future campaigns for higher elected Office. They are growing quite cozy with the Jewish Community these days largely because they seek Jewish money to finance their future campaigns. I add that these pols & others are angling for the approval of the NYTimes. NYDaily News & the NYPost--all of whom are owned by Jewish men. Speaking of these 3 Jewish-owned newspapers, I ask aloud: why is it we have long been treated to massive articles & images of Blacks as lazy welfare collectors, but we never read or are shown anything about the vast numbers of poor Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn and beyond who are on welfare? Moreover, 53 Black-owned Stores on Fulton Street in Green Hill have been shut down over the past 3 years by Phil Kellogg and his FAB Group. I cannot imagine Mr. Kellogg going into a Jewish neighborhood and shutting down 53 Jewish-owned stores. Lets focus on having a series of meetings & discussions on race relations between Blacks & Jewish folks. Any meeting that does not include a discussion of the finance issues and the Jewish-owned media groups' pushing negative images of Blacks is a waste of time.
John Straker December 06, 2013 at 02:46 PM
Cumbo is a phony. Joe I would agree If I did not know, but REBNY (Jewish Landlords) and the Jewish community in Crown Heights supported Cumbo heavily. Cumbo was pandering to her Jewish supporters and it back-fired. She actually made Blacks look really bad in her letter, but that's what happens when you elect a person who needs on-the-job training because she lacks the experience for being a Council Rep., moved into a community just to run so she doesn't know what occurred prior to her arrival and was willing to do anything to get elected. Just ask her polygamous partners and very, very, very good friends William Boyland, Joe Coello and Richard Anderson.
Joe Gonzalez December 06, 2013 at 03:37 PM
@ John Straker: I read your above response but I do not understand your inclusion of three named persons and their connection to Ms. Cumbo. Please detail the facts.
Schellie Hagan December 06, 2013 at 05:33 PM
Eh tu, Ingenue? There's virtue in listening. And keeping thoughtful counsel, especially as an outsider.
Brooklyn Sandy December 07, 2013 at 10:09 AM
Ms Cumbo does several things when she implies an African-American/Car­ibbean resentment as explanation for the thuggery of knock-out punches in the Crown Heights community. She tars the successes and the integrity of all black residents of good will by implying a simmering resentment and jealousy. The overwhelming majority are not only law abiding...they are genial neighbors..and it would seem would not appreciate Cumbo's associating them with this cavalier description. There are bad guys in every shade and in every economic strata...group condemnation is not only dumb...it is demagogic and her assertions reinforce the misstated feelings of most. Ms Cumbo, in referring to Jewish landlords ... refutes her own disingenuous current alliance with REBNY...that bastion of real estate developers. In fact THESE are the "bad guys"...they are the folks "taking over" more and more properties to develop...they are the manipulators of eminent domain and conveniently reworked rezoning with politicians (such as Council-Member-elect Cumbo) to benefit their bottom line...they are the greedy phony "job creators" who attempt usurping libraries...hospital­s...and community gardens for luxury development. The truth is...it was REBNY which chose Ms Cumbo...limited in experience...to be their quid pro quo advocate in the City Council race for the 35th District in Brooklyn...rife with hot prospects for gentrification. It was the landlord lobby that "brung her" with an unending and unaccountable stream of money for her campaign. Ironic that her campaign enablers are the ones who should be excoriated...not a group of people whose targeting is by dint of their religion. Ms Cumbo also reveals a lack of cogency...putting it kindly. Her disconnect in "understanding" why this has happened versus an unambiguous condemnation...parce­led out piece by painful piece...demonstrates a festering chip on her shoulder...and a complete lack of leadership which brazenly flies in the face of her assertions of "all for one....one for all". She's been hoisted by her own petard and those of us who've had experience with her coulda' told you so.
jaifa lieberman December 08, 2013 at 03:38 AM
I agree that CM-Elect Cumbo has shown a bit of naivete on this hot button topic, and probably should have drafted up behind some of her senior pols in the district...but, this continued garbage about REBNY and the very inflammatory remarks by "John Straker" (Whoever you are) shows a lack of knowledge and maturity that it takes to have a serious conversation an any level. JL
Brooklyn Sandy December 08, 2013 at 08:06 PM
Ms Lieberman...Ms Cumbo has been more than a bit naive... This is not about a miscalculation...it's not about verbiage...it's about an attitude which does exactly the opposite that she professed when she was campaigning. Her previous conciliatory words fly in the face of her current inflammatory assertions. Here's the quote back in March in the Patch. (And by the way...as you previously indicated that you are the Executive Director for the Jewish Center for Peace...I'd like to know more about your organization...where are you located...cannot find your address-perhaps to make a contribution...) Laurie Angela Cumbo March 24, 2013 at 01:54 PM "It is so unfortunate that so many people can’t share or celebrate in one another’s success. There are so many candidates running in this race that I believe that it would be best for the community to focus all of their time, energy and resources on the candidates that they are really excited about versus criticizing candidates that they are not supporting. It is important for us to set good and strong examples for our children and when we attack one another and make false accusations against one another in the name of “campaigning” it sends the wrong message to our children and the community as a whole.
John Straker December 09, 2013 at 08:53 PM
Al Sharpton just came out against Cumbo to. He agrees that Cumbo's assertions are ludicrous. Read the latest edition of Yeshiva World.


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