Brooklyn Cellist Needs Your Help

Musician turns to the community for help.

Cellist Lenae Harris has carried her instrument around NYC for the past 13 years, with storage an important factor.

Recently, she's turned to the arts community for help on Gofundme.com. The page reads:

"Over the years, my case has sustained quite a lot of wear and tear. As of yesterday, October 14, 2013, my case saw it's last day of travel. The inner lining has completely come apart, the bottom has a visible opening from a wide crack, the bottom latches will not close, the handles have broken, and there is a another crack on the top. When my case was purchased many moons ago, it was a replacement case for my very first case which was destroyed in travel overseas by baggage handlers.

At the same time, my family was gracious enough to purchase a new instrument which is my one and only one that I've had for the past 21 years. It is in my best interest to try and protect this investment with the best as I don't have the funds to replace it."

As of Thursday the campaign is just over $100 short of its goal. You can help by clicking the link above. 


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